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Fairness Opinions

A fairness opinion is an effective, often required, tool that determines whether the terms of a transaction are fair to stakeholders from a financial point of view. In a significant change of control or capital transactions, obtaining a fairness opinion provides support for Boards of Directors and Special Committees that they have acted in a manner consistent with their fiduciary responsibilities and have evidenced the Entire Fairness Standard.

Young America Capital is uniquely positioned to assist its clients to manage the Fair Opinion process based on the extensive experience our senior advisory team has in assisting Executive Management, Independent Board of Directors, and Conflicts Committees evaluate the “fairness” of numerous related-party transactions.

We understand the fiduciary obligations that an Independent Board of Directors is subject to when seeking a Fairness Opinion. Our experts undertake a comprehensive and rigorous process to ensure that the formal opinion mitigates inherent risks and satisfies the demands and expectations of all stakeholders.