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Equity Research Coverage

Young America Capital (YAC) offers a solution for smaller capitalization and less liquid securities that have found it increasingly difficult to get research coverage. Small-cap stocks fly under the radar when it comes to Wall Street research and is left without credible, independent means of communicating their merits to the investment community. YAC offers sponsored research coverage to help mitigate lower trading volumes, impaired liquidity, inefficient pricing/valuations, and a lack of institutional investor support for Small-Cap securities.

We provide companies with high-quality, non-conflicted research. YAC believes that the “company-sponsored” model may become the most viable means for many smaller public companies to enhance their visibility in the marketplace and to deliver a stronger and better-informed shareholder base.

Our solutions

YAC can provide comprehensive, objective, independent, research coverage of micro- to- small-cap stocks. With no conflict of interest from investment banking or proprietary trading, we offer investors unbiased investment opinions, that can attract institutional interest, expand a company’s shareholder base, improve trading liquidity and enhance visibility. We take a great deal of pride in our high-quality, transparent, rigorous, and disciplined research process to identify investment risks and opportunities. We empower our analysts to exercise diligence and thoroughness thereby providing a reasonable basis for investment recommendations.

Traditional research without conflicts

YAC research is identical in virtually every respect to the traditional research product with an Investment recommendation. We provide stock price targets and full earnings models through which institutional and other sophisticated investors can derive an investment decision. We start with an initiation report, and at least one report following each earnings release for the next four quarters and publish Notes whenever something about a company/industry is newsworthy.

Cost and distribution

Our research coverage cost is tailored to the needs of each client.  We distribute our research to institutional clients in the U.S. and Canada which includes many leading managers of portfolios with billions of dollar assets under management in aggregate. These asset managers are generally underserved by brokerage firms targeting larger managers. We make the research available for you to use with your IR team and these reports will also be available to subscribers of Bloomberg, Factset, S&P Capital-IQ, and numerous other investment management research portals, as well as on our website. Our earnings estimates are picked up by First Call, Zacks, and other data aggregators.

Full Disclosure

YAC is a registered broker-dealer and must abide by many stringent regulatory requirements. YAC fully discloses the nature of its relationship with each covered company and follows best practices for storage and retention as required by FINRA

Comprehensive Coverage

Our detailed company research reports offer the following levels of detail:

A brief description of the company, significant recent developments, an earnings forecast, a valuation summary, and the recommended investment action. A detailed description of the company, its products, and services, convey a clear understanding of the company’s economics, including a discussion of the key drivers of revenues and expenses. Earnings forecast, price-target, and thorough valuation analysis of the company using conventional valuation metrics and formulas. Our valuation models include both absolute and relative values. Absolute valuation models derive an asset’s intrinsic value, and generally take the form of discounted cash flow models. Relative equity valuation models estimate a stock’s value relative to another stock and can be based on several different metrics, including price/sales, price/earnings, price/cash flow, and price/book value. Industry overview and competitive position. A detailed analysis of the company’s historical financial performance, and a forecast of future performance. A risk section will address potentially negative industry and company developments that could pose a risk to the investment thesis. Timely updates and analysis of material events.

YAC Investor conference

Our investor conference is designed to help issuers build interest and visibility through our relationships with Institutional Investors, Family Offices, Broker-Dealers, Financial Analysts, and High Net-Worth Individuals.

Research Analysts & Support Team

Tad Bull

Managing Director, Compliance and Administration